Cant get gauge

I;m swatching to determine the right size needle for a pair of women’s socks in KP Dancing (the stuff with the elastic in it). The pattern calls for size 3 dpns. I was getting almost ten stitches/inch; I’ve upsized to 4’s, and 5’s and still not getting 8st/in. I didn’t think I knitted that tightly.

How big is too big for the needle/pattern Everything I’ve read said smaller is better for socks as they will be more durable. It seems that 6’s will be too loose a fabric. Couild the elastic be the culprit? Maybe it’s distorting the swatch? (Which I’m knitting flat with the dpns using 28 stitches and maybe working 1to2 inches.)

I’ve never had this much trouble trying to come up with the right size needle.

BTW, I’m not concerned with row count; just stitch count.

Instead of knitting a swatch (and flat will be different from in the round) why not knit the first several rows of the sock in the round, slip the stitches onto a long piece of yarn if you can’t get the DPN’s over your foot and see how it fits?
This will probably give you a better idea than anything else, but maybe someone else has a better idea.

Mama Bear

I’d have to go with trying it on too. That is one thing I really love about knitting them toe up…you keep increasing the width until it’s perfect for you (with whatever needle gives you the fabric you want) and it’s super easy to try on as you go…no need to move stitches to waste yarn.

What a good idea!! Especially since I spent all evening saturday trying to get the right stitch count. And since you brought it up, can you toe up any pattern or just those written specifically (I suppose it would depend on the leg pattern among other things)?

Yes…depends somewhat on the pattern, but you should be able to convert any pattern to toe up without too much trouble. If the patterning goes down onto the foot, you’ll need to decide when to begin it. Also, if there is patterning that shows vertically, you might have to reverse it so it won’t be upside down. Also the heel is a little different…no picking up stitches! I just do a short row heel and when I’m finished just knit in the round again.

In case you haven’t done toe ups before, you’ll need to do either a figure 8 cast on or a short row toe. You can get info on both here: