Can't find a 12 inch circular knitting needles

I want to make a newborn hat and the directions say to use a 12 inch circular knitting needle and I can’t find one anywhere.

Does anyone have a suggestion??

I found these at I like this brand a lot. You won’t find a better made needle, especially at that price.
You could also use 9" needles or dpns.

Thanks so much I will look into getting a pair.

Frankly I wouldn’t use a 12" circ. the needles are very short and it’s not really comfortable to use for many people. The needles themselves have limited use, too. You can use any circular method instead…DPN, 2 circs or magic loop. My preference would be magic loop.

You can try DPN’s as Rie suggested

or you can also check this site
they carry a variety of sizes.
I’ve never bought their needles because I often buy my needles at Michael’s or Joann’s when they have 40-50% coupons.
I’d love to buy some of the needles many speak of here on the site, but they’re just not in my budget right now. :frowning:

Yeah I saw that site but the pattern calls for 9mm needles I am gonna have to keep searching. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am new to knitting and didn’t realize they would be that difficult to work with. I am gonna try the two circular knitting needles.

You need a 9mm or 9" ??

On your first post you asked about a 12"

The site I posted, carries
9" ~ 12" ~ 16" ~ 24" ~ 29" ~ 30" ~ 40" ~ 48" ~ 60"

12" 9mm needles. But many people find the shorter needles hard to use because the tips are so short. An easier solution would be to use 2 longer circs, or one really long one and use magic or single loop.

Needles that spin independently of the cord help with this enormously. There are also asymmetric 9" needles at paradisefibers. These allow the tips to line up easily. Personally, I really like these.
However, I could see them being hard for someone who is used to being able to hang on to the needle with their entire hands like when using a straight needle. I felt this way at first but now they actually help my right hand relax because I can’t grip in that ham-fisted way that I’m used to with longer needles.
I like these so much now that I always look for a chance to use them.

Try giving them a call. I’ve gotten things from several knitting stores, including paradisefibers, that they didn’t have listed online. They usually have to special order it, but they don’t charge extra. Patternworks and JimmyBeanswool are two others that have lots of needle choices and good customer service.

The small ones hurt my hands. There are so many other ways to knit in the round. I prefer ML, but I leaned with DPN then went to two circs.

We have videos here. You can go to the top of the page or look in my sig for a link to the whole archive. The ones for knitting in the round are under advanced techniques.

Hiya Hiya makes stainless circs as short as 9", but I cringe at how short the tips would be. Having big man-paws I even find the tips on 16" circs a bit clumsy. (Of course that has [I]nothing[/I] to do with my [I]coordination[/I] you understand…)

a 9mm 12" circular knitting needle :slight_smile: sorry for the confusion. I bought two 9mm 16" circular needles. I am gonna try knitting in the round with them. The only problem is that it is Entrelac knitting so I hope it won’t be too confusing lol

Why didn’t you say it was entrelac? You can get away with using a much longer needle for an entrelac hat, after the band the stitches aren’t consecutive on the needle, but have spaces between the triangles and blocks. Also in using 2 circs they don’t have to be the same size and I think it would be more confusing than helpful anyway using 2 for entrelac in the round.

Try out the Crystal Palace circulars at Great Yarns. I think the ladies there might have one or two floating around that you could sample. Crystal Palace needles spin independently of the cord just like KA does. This helps alot. The only problem with Crystal Palace is the price point. KA is about the same price as Knitpicks, but with much better craftsmanship (not knocking Knitpicks - KA is Japanese made). The asymmetric tips on the 9" circulars also make a big difference, but it’s still a short needle. I wish they made asymmetric 16" needles for us large-handed people.

Great Yarns? You live in Raleigh?

I haven’t used Crystal Palace needles much. All I have of theirs is a set of DPNs, and I rarely use DPNs.

Yes, I’m a Raleigh girl. :waving: Great Yarns is the only LYS I’ve ever really shopped in. It was a lady there who introduced me to Crystal Palace needles.
If you get to chance to try the circulars, you should. I can’t explain properly the spinning needle, but it’s a really helpful feature.

Oh wow, small world eh? I only live about a mile and a half from Great Yarns. Wonder if we’ve ever bumped into each other there and didn’t know it. Wendy and I were just there last weekend… Saturday? No, Sunday… What day did it snow? Wendy works out of that store and Yarns, Etc. in Chapel Hill (owned by the same person) so I know most of the staff at least by sight, if not by name. If you’re ever in Chapel Hill, you oughta check out Mary’s other store on Elliot Rd. It’s bigger and has a slightly bigger selection, including some “locally grown” yarns from Three Waters Farm. And if you get a chance to get out to Chatham County, check out Belleau Wood Alpaca Farm. They sell direct, Three Waters does too, but only at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market on weekends.

I know exactly what you mean about the free-wheeling needle tips, and I’m kind of ambivalent about them. In some ways it’s nice (especially in Magic Loop) and in other ways… meh. It’s not something I’d call a deal breaker or maker for me. YMMV.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to get out to the Chapel Hill store for a while now. Thanks for the tip about Three Waters and Belleau Wood! I had no idea that we had local yarn producers in the piedmont. I hope they do tours of the alpaca farm. I would :heart: to pet an alpaca!!