Can't Decide about Circular Needle kits

Does anyone have a favorite circular interchangeable needle kit & why is it your favorite?

I’ve really been interested in the Denise needle set but just saw the KA Exchangeable Bamboo set & it really looks interesting. I like the idea of using a smaller size needle on the left hand side & this seems to be a perfect answer to too many different needles.
Thanks & (HUGS), Verna

What kind of needles do you like to use, and which do you do most of your knitting on? Metal? Plastic? Wood? That will tell you immediately which sets to look at.

Then go try them.

What’s important is what you like to knit on. I can’t stand resin or plastic needles, so I would never think of using Denise needles – that doesn’t make Denise needles bad or not good, it means that I don’t like to knit on anything but metal needles, even though I own wood and plastic needles as well as my metal needles. So try them out. Your LYS should be glad to let you try out needles in the shop, or you can borrow from fellow knitters, or you can purchase one set of one size of interchangeables to try them out.

I went with nickle plated set. I LOVE them- so much less expensive than the Addi Turbos but I can’t tell the difference. But globaltraveler is right- it all comes down to what material you like to work with.

Knitpicks also has wood (beautiful multi-colored!) and plastic interchangebales now too.

I only have Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s Fabrics & Walmart to shop in locally. We don’t have a yarn store closer than 100 miles & it’s hard for me to get there.
The only set I’ve seen is Boye & they’re sealed shut. They seem to have a reputation for coming apart so I’m not sure about them. I also think their needles are too short for me.
I’ve used Boye regular circular in the past & I guess they were OK.
I’ve used acrylic straight needles & they worked well for me.
Right now I’m knitting a Library Capelet using a 96% poly yarn in a multi tone by Epais, using Acrylic circular needles by Yarn Bee & sold at Hobby Lobby.
I can buy Clover Bamboo needles so I guess I could give one a try to see if I like the feel.
Thanks for your imput. The acrylic needle I’m using right now is very comfortable so maybe the Denise needles would be my best bet. But except for the price I’m really drawn to the KA bamboo set. It’s hard to order them sight unseen or felt.:wink: (((HUGS))), Verna

I’ve used the KA bamboo straights and I love them. Webs ( has a new interchangeable set of their own that I’ve been eyeing. It’s the same price as the KA Switch. I haven’t decided on an interchangeable set yet so I’ve just been buying fixed circulars in sizes I need for individual projects. I sometimes like bamboo and somtimes metal. It depends on the yarn.

If you like the acrylic needles, knit picks just came out with a new set, the Zephyrs. People like them a lot and they have the same really flexible cord. They’re less than $50 too.

I know there have been lots of people with problems with their Options, but mine have been great and I love them. :inlove:

I just got the knit pick zephyrs I like the look and they are pretty affordable. I also met some one who has used the nickle plated ones and they seem pretty nice if you have the money for them.

I :heart: my Denise set. No problem with the needles coming off the cable or even coming loose. For what I’m knitting now the resin needles are right & I like the points.

If you use the magic loop method, the cables may be too big.

You might want to search the forum for other threads about interchangeable needles.

Hope you find what you like.

I love my Knit Picks set. I bought the Harmony set and have a few of the nickel plated tips too (which are my favorite and I want more of them!)

I’ve had the Denise Interchangeables for 2 years and I love them. I love the fact that the cords can be extended if needed. I have some of the fixed sets of KP Harmony and Nickel plated and love them too especially the very flexible cords (the Denise cords are much thicker than KP). I just purchased and received the Zephyr set and I’m looking forward to using those. I’m a loose knitter and even looser with the nickel plated needles.

It really does depend on your knitting style - loose or tight. IMO if you knit loose the Zephyrs or Denise will most likely work better than nickel. Purchase one tip set of each from KP with a cable and try them. I think the Denise tips/cable can be purchased separately, as well from Annies Attic. The worse thing that can happen is you have 2 sets of one size. Get a size that you use most - this comes in handy when you have several projects on the needles.