cannot knit the last stitch


I’m a complete beginner at knitting and im knitting a scarf with a basic knit stitch. it was going fine until i had to unravel because i noticed a hole in my work. the hole is fixed now but i cant for the life of me figure out what is going on with the first (last?) stitch now. I was taught that i shouldn’t knit the first stitch, and slip it on to the other needle instead, in order to get a clean edge, so that’s what ive been doing. but now every time i try to knit the last stitch it is extremely loose, and i can clearly see that the yarn is still on the second stitch on the bottom. videos ive tried looking up tell me to put the loop back on the needle and knit it, but no matter what it always ends up looking like this.knit1knit2 I found that i could fix it by pulling the string though the loop with a crochet hook and then slipping it back on, but i find that i have to keep doing this for every single row i knit now and it is extremely inconvenient. i dont want to keep messing up again and i really just want to get back into the knitting so i just want to know whats going on with this before i continue.

Thank you!

It looks to me like your messing with it just stretched out that stitch. That happens and it will likely just blend in after several rows. So just bring the yarn down and knit into the the stitch normally. I marked the stitch with an arrow.

is the loop really just stretched out so much that it looks all funky like that? yikes lol, i thought i was doing something wrong because every video i watched the stitch didn’t look like that. thanks for your help!

It can yes. Try my suggestion and see if it looks a little better after several rows. If it doesn’t you can rip back a few rows before the loose stitch and knit again which will take up some of the slack from that stitch. Even experienced knitters end up with loose and dropped stitches sometimes. :slight_smile:

You can also tug the stitches to the side of the stretched stitch to spread it out.