Candles in the Windows

How many of you put candles in the windows for Christmas? We do. More than half of my neighborhood does. I love how welcoming it makes the houses look. Today while I was out getting replacement bulbs and suction cups I was starting to wonder why we bother. But once I got them all up I remembered!

I used to do this, but I stopped a few years ago. I agree, though, that it is a welcoming sight…much like a lighthouse, eh?

I have a friend who leaves them in her window all year round. It’s a little different but nice.

Oh, and when I was younger, I lived in a house that looked like what you would see in the movie, Gone With the Wind. It was huge with the white columns and porches on either side. Anyhow, my mom loved decorating for Christmas, but I never figured out why she put orange bulbs in her candles in the windows. And we’re talking about a LOT of windows. Once, we took a picture at night, and it looked like the house was on fire! :teehee:

I think she switched the bulbs for clear ones after that. :thumbsup:

We have lights on the house and wreaths on the windows. No candles. Actually I don’t burn candles at all except during blackouts. I’m afraid for my kitty.

Jan I don’t think your kitties would be hurt by the candles we use.:wink:

Haha, probably not! We went to my DSD Xmas party tonite and she had some of those flameless candles. They were cool! I had a friend who’s cat jumped on table that had a candle and it caught it’s tail on fire. The cat got scared and tried to climb the drapes in an effort to escape his tail and caught the drapes on fire. Yikes. :shock:

We have a street in town which is all old houses, mostly owned by rich people, you know the type - just sub-mansion (and a couple full-on mansions). It is one of two streets that truly runs end to end of town. A few years ago, a group got together and convinced the whole street to put “candles” in their windows. It’s so wonderful to see! I’m partial to the simple, traditional wreath-with-a-red-bow on the door, white lights in the bushes, candles in the windows decorations outside, though!

Yep, we always put the candles in the windows…I read in a book a few years ago that it started in Ireland…

I googled it this morning and found this…I’m always curious/interested in why we do the things we do :teehee:

Interesting link. Especially interesting to me because I’ve been taking a class on early English history (to 1688). Next term, I’ll be taking the follow-up class, which begins with William and Mary.

I used to put those electric “candles” in my windows at Christmas. I can’t find them! We put our tree up this weekend, and I just asked my husband if he found the candles. Hmmmm…

Our neighbors have their candles up all year, and it looks so pretty. I bought a six-pack of LED candles that turn themselves off after 8 hours and back on 16 hours later, so they’ll keep themselves on all night. The batteries last a couple of months even if you use them all the time. They look pretty neat and are more likely to survive the cats:D

Ok…so where do you get these candles??

Most places which sell Christmas decorations sell candles. I don’t know if they all sell LED though.

I am pretty sure I saw some like that at Michaels yesterday on my hunt for the suction cups things. I was tempted but since we already had the candles I figured it would be something to think about for another year when these candles start to die. They would be nice though.

I have light sensitive candles in the windows of the rooms we sleep in.
that way if there is ever a fire, or something I can point out the rooms firefighters should get us.
it also slightly lights the rooms when we go in at night, so we do not trip over the CRAP all over the floor

I have an electric candle in the window of my place in Tennessee that we turn on when we get there to signal our friends on the mountain that we’re there. They know if they see the candle that it’s us and not a relative or whatnot just staying at our place and they’re welcome to pop on by.

We always had the electric candles in the windows when I was growing up. I don’t do it now because it would inconvenience the cats :slight_smile: who like to sit on the window sills. I love the look of it, though.