Cancer knit along

[color=darkblue][/color] Hi, I have always been a novice knitter and recently restarted again after about 20 years. I started because I had colon cancer and after my surgery my home health nurse started talking about the socks she was knitting and I got the [size=6][color=blue]“Need to Knit.”[/color][/size] (I was very fortunate, my cancer had not spread and I needed no chemo or radiation. HOORAY!!!)

I know that a lot of people are knitting pink which is wonderful. But many of us are colon, ovarian, lung, prostate, etc cancer patients. Each cancer has one or sometimes 2 colors associated with it (Please see or for colors.

Although this is not the ususal knit along I would like to start a knit along for cancer patients. We could chose a cancer color that has meaning for us and knit chemo caps, scarves, socks, sweaters or whatever a cancer patient would find helpful. We could donate them to a local cancer center or organization. We could start after the holidays.

Well, what do ya’ll think?

Does anyone know of any patterns for easy chemo caps?

Cancer Free Carol

First of all, congratulations on being a survivor! That’s awesome :happydance:

I made a trip to the cancer center here recently, not because I necessarily had cancer but because my family doctor and my surgeon did not know what was wrong so I was sent there ‘to cover all the bases’ so to speak. Turned out to not be cancerous, thank God, but in the experience I began to think, what could I do to help. It could easily be any one of us at any time. I want to look into local ways that I can help out and use my love of knitting at the same time.

Thanks for the inspiration!

What a great idea! I didn’t know there were different colors for different cancer awareness campaigns.

I’m going to make my friend Carolyn some socks. She is about to start chemo and radiation for breast cancer and is feeling down right now. I need to finish the socks I’m already working on, so this probably won’t happen till after Christmas.

A fabulous idea, Carol!

My 11yo son is right now wrapping up his cancer treatments. I had just brought up this idea w/ our local group here in Illinois and was going to post something similar after the holidays for our specific Cancer Center. We have lots of kids that could use some goodies – parents & siblings, too, for that matter!

Anyway, it’s nice to see like-minded folks out here. Perhaps we can get something going together after Christmas!

BTW … the color for Childhood Cancer is Gold.

Im there with ya, Jul!! Although, I will be making chemo caps with Knitpicks Shine in Apricot. Is that close enough to gold??

Oooo … those would be pretty, and SOOO soft!!

There’s also a little baby boy (who is about 4 mos old now), and he has a twin sister. I’m sure we could all knit up some adorable little things for them!! I’ve had my eye on some bootie patterns I really want to try out.

Oh, and then there’s a 19yo that we’ve befriended, and I think he’d probably get a lot of mileage out of a pair of felted clogs … and then there’s another 17yo girl who would probably enjoy a cute hat … and a boy my DS’s age who would probably wear a cool scarf or something, and he has an older brother who just donated bone marrow for him … and a little 2-1/2yo girl with the most beautiful brown eyes, and she would look simply darling in a little cardigan or some mittens … oh and then there are the nurses who are on their feet running from one place to another all day long, and they never complain. I wish I could make something for each and every one of them.

I am a nurse, we do complain sometimes but also really appreciate the things people do for our patients. These all sound like wonderful things to do for the people who need them.

Hey, did you look at the colors for the cancers? Some of them are outrageous! Colon cancer is brown, bladder cancer is yellow. Who ever decided that your cancer color must match the excrement coming from the affected organ is a little whacked. Fortuantely another site says colon cancer is Dark Blue. I will doing my knitting in blue.

Thanks for all the support.

Chloe, congratulations on being a survivor!!

This is a great idea for a KAL.

That’s funny about the colors. I agree, a bit graphic! …So does that mean that pink is supposed to be nipple-colored or something? :lol:

I’ve heard that an excellent yarn for chemo caps is Cascade Fixation (a stretchy, elastic-cotton blend). It stays on bald heads very well, and is very soft and comfy, and not too hot for summer.

Thank you for posting the links to the colors - I was just thinking of this very thing the other day. I only knew that gynecological cancers were purple (but I guess ‘lavender’ by the list).

A less expensive alternative to Cascade Fixation is Elann’s Sock It To Me- same stuff, different label and price. The stock is a little low right now, but it seems to restock twice a year or so in every color and shade of the rainbow. Ok, darn near every color. Fun stuff.

I think a knit a-long is a great idea!


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[size=1](Amy said nipple)[/size]
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You know altho I had the cancer and the surgery, I feel so lucky because I had no chemo or radiation. Although people tell me I am a survivor, I think that the survivors are the people who had things much worse than I did.

I feel more like I was lucky that I got a routine colonoscopy and it was picked up so early and the surgery results were so good.

I am excited, while at the library today I found a pattern for a cap that I think would be a great chemo cap. I really like it, it looked more advanced than I thought I could do but I just knitted the pattern for practice and I did pretty good.

Thanks for the yarn suggestions. So, now, I have questions. The pattern calls for “Rowan DK Tweed”. Are the “cascade fixation” or the “elan sock it to me” going to be ok? If you knit with 2 strands of sock yarn does it equal a DK? I know that I will have to do a swatch and adjust accordingly.

And what about knitting distorts the time-space continuim? I swear that I am stopping knitting to go to bed at 10pm and yet it always is at least 1 to 2 hours later than that.

And I had never really thought about pink being the color of nipples(!!!) but the cancer color picker was defiantely whacked and it wouldn’t surprise me. Hey, KellyK, you sound pretty whacked coming up with that nipple thing. Are you secretly the cancer color picker?

Cancer Free Christmas Carol

That was AMY…I NEVER say [size=1]nipple[/size]! :angelgrin:

Gauge-wise, Sock It to Me isn’t a true sock weight yarn - it’s 5 sts/in on US 7. Googling gave me info that Rowan DK Tweed is 5.5s = 1" #5-9, or something like that. So they’re a lot closer in gauge.

What pattern did you find the book in - maybe we know it?

So, don’t [color=blue]blue [/color]and [color=violet]pink [/color]make [color=#800080]lavender[/color]?

very nice this is a great informative thread. Who knew all these things?

Sorry, KellyK, it was late at night- I am sorry if I caused your nipple free lips any concern.

So, Amy, are you the whacked secret cancer color picker?

I found the pattern for the chemo cap in Viking Patterns for Knitting, by Elsebeth Lavold. The cap is on the book jacket and again on page 39. The set is called “Hervor” it is a pullover and cap. The cap is knit in a band with a pattern, then stitches are picked up from the sides of the band and knit in the round.

The band has an interesting pattern with some small cables that I tried last night and feel that I can do.

I scanned the pic onto my computer but just realized I didn’t know how to get it into my message. After school starts again I’ll have one of my kids from “The Harry Potter Knitting Group” help me figure out a way.


I planned on knitting something for cancer patients as well. Six years ago my mom was diagnosed and beat breast cancer. She had to have chemo, but I didn’t even think about knitting then. I really wish I had now, but the least I can do is provide the comfort for someone else.

Here is a pattern site of chemo caps I found, quite a great variety!

I’m in. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer many, many years ago. Probably no color for that one though I haven’t looked yet. :wink:

OK … well, it looks like I need to get on the plans I have for a Cancer Kid KAL … I need to contact my Child Life specialist friend and see if I can get a list of the kids who still come in-house for treatment.

Oh, and Jan, I believe that the color for Pancreatic Cancer is purple.

I’d also like to add that there are plenty of adults who come to the Cancer Center for treatment. If you’d rather knit some scarves, hat, fingerless gloves or something else you’re inspired by, I would be happy to deliver it to them. Or, perhaps you’d like to check with the cancer center or clinic in your community and see if they would like donations.

I am so excited about all the interest in this!! You guys are great!