Canadians, where do you buy your yarn online?


I was just wondering if anyone knew of good places for Canadians to buy yarn that’s relatively cheap, and that shipping doesn’t cost a ton… It seems like most places I’ve looked either don’t ship to Canada, or it just seems so expensive to ship here… So, where do fellow Canadians buy their yarn online? Or do most just not?

I’m a whole country from Canada, but I do know that they can buy yarn at Knit Picks.

Wow! Thank you Contiknitter!!

I’m also in the US, but I know that Elann and Webs ship to Canada as well.

BTW…I went to the Canadian version of google to search for this info. :wink:

KnitPicks does ship to Canada, but it’s over $8 for shipping, plus they charge 10% extra to your amount for “duty”. It can add up. I ordered from them before, but I got well over $100 in yarn, so paying the shipping wasn’t too bad. I’ve ordered from them two other times, but had the yarn sent to friends in the States before going to visit them.

Webs ships to Canada, but I’m not sure how they charge the duty. Googling for Canadian yarn shops is the best bet, or just sucking up the difference in cost, if you want really nice, fancy stuff.

Beehive Woolshop in Victoria will ship to you, and they have an excellent selection. I’m not sure about their shipping costs though.

Elann (which Jan already linked to) is Canadian. And there’s Ram Wools, which is based in Canada as well.

hi there fellow canuck!!!
here is the lis where I buy my yarn they are Candian (click on page at bottom to go to Cnadian site)
and 2 reallygod places on ebay one is Canadian the other American and they both are reasonable for shipping…
hope this at least gets you started
Happy Knitting

i almost forot this one…you can order online or they have a free mail order catalogue, lots of knitting supplies as well as every other craft you can think of

I couldn’t agree more with babydill. If you want to order from the US, take out your calculator! Shipping is generally higher, duties will be added, not to mention the exchange rate. It can be worth it if you are buying things really not available elsewhere or if you are buying a lot. Otherwise, it’s not.

I know also two stores in Ottawa: and

Hi, I have this same problem I don’t have a LYS so I do most of my shopping online. This place will give free shipping over $35 They don’t sell the cheaper end of the yarn though

This place will ship for free after $150. I have actually been in this store once and the owners are the nicest people.

I also have ordered from Knitpicks sometimes it is cheaper even with the shipping and duty then ordering from another yarn store.

Wow! Thanks everyone! This gives me a lot of places to check out now… I may end up in trouble, lol!

I’ve ordered patterns from Cabin Fever, in Orillia Ontario, and they shipped very quickly. I know they have yarn too. Nice ladies! samm

This post is 5 yrs old, but some Canadians may still wonder so I’ll leave the one new post. The others I deleted because they were redundant.

There’s also Loveknitting (no taxes, and free shipping on orders over $75) for Canadians.

I just found with free shipping over $25 and has Paypal.


I buy online from Turkey @
They ship to Canada and USA.