Canada knitters!


hello fellow canadians… i live in new brunswick… !


Wow, no answers.


Hi there, I live in Ontario. I dont knit much because its hard to do with an 8 mth old in your lap but I like to read these forums anyway!!
Nice to meet you!!!


Hi there, Ontario here. I hope you’re having a good weekend! Welcome to KH.


Hi from Quebec!


Hi from Langley BC (a burb of Vancouver).



Hi there I am in Spruce Grove Alberta


Hi brom PoCo BC!!! (another Burb of Vancouver)


Hi all! I’m in Ottawa, Ontario … where all the snow is!!!


Hi everyone. I’m in Stouffville which is north east of Toronto.


Quebec city girl here, all the way in Arizona!


I live in NB too! What city??


Hi from Saskatchewan!!!


Hello from Hamilton, Ontario!!


I am going to be in Vancouver for 9 days in May … are there any yarn or fiber shops I shouldn’t miss? We will be at the Downtown Harbour Marriott.


There is Urban Yarns, Three Bags Full and Birkeland Brothers near downtown. Three Bags Full and Birkeland are about 6 blocks away from each other and Birkeland carries fibre as well as yarn.

If you have time to venture further, near the airport is Wool and Wicker.

Out a bit further where I live we have 88 Stitches and Knitopia. Knitopia also has fibre as well as yarn. If you have a car, just take HWY #1 east to 200th Street exit (about 1 hour out of downtown but worth the drive).



Hey Im looking for a knitting circle where I can pick up some tips. I live in downtown Toronto. Do you know any groups that meet up? I know their is the knitt cafe and a place on queen west that have classes but Im looking for more of a community organization.


Hello! I grew up in Toronto and my mom still lives there. is a site where you can put in your country, postal code and interest and it will show you all groups related. I put in a Toronto postal code and “knitting” and tons of groups came up.
I know that many yarn stores have “knit nights”, like Lettuce Knit on Nassau street on wednesday (I think!). Find a yarn store close by and ask them about knit night- they will at least know where you can find one.


Hi I live in Alberta. I love to knit and love to talk to other knitters and see what they are up to?


Mississauga here.


Saint John, New Brunswick here!