Can you take your knitting needles

with you when you fly? Do they allow plastic needles or no needles…or what?

I have taken both bamboo needles and my denise interchangeable set and they were both fine.

If you go to the TSA website, and then do a search for knitting needles, it will be able to tell you…also you could do a search here, as this topic has been discussed.

But basically…they prefer wood to metal, straight to circs (I think, or is it the other way around???) Hmm…I took my circ bamboo’s on with no problem.

BUT…a lot of it depends on the agent. Has anybody had anything confiscated??? or not really confiscated, but not allowed?

A friend of mine recently flew to New Orleans, I don’t know which airline, and the took away her manicure scissors but let her keep her needles. They were metal straights. I figure that they’d rather deal with knitting needles on the plane than a bunch of knitters who can’t have them. :wink:

I know it’s been discussed here and on other forums. I’d check with the airline.

I have taken all kinds of needles on planes with me…I even got through with my zippo lighter when I went to Detroit!! :shock: OH What I COULD have done!! MUAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Skeery!! :shock:

About the needles: I checked the TSA website a couple of days ago, and knitting needles and crochet hooks are allowed, as are rounded-point scissors.

Guess ya can’t stab anyone with rounded end scissors??? :rollseyes:


I think it’s funny they allow circular needles…I guess the garotte isn’t a concern :wink:

Like a knitter who just lost count on a 12 row lace pattern and dropped 3 stitches after someone stepped on their project, which had already been stained by their seatmate’s wine would do anything dangerous. Oh, Please.

I’d never risk getting blood on my knitting!!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

It would be tempting, though, to use the circ on the creep who keeps the seat reclined all the way during the entire flight…(Just carry an extra!)

Ack…I am soooooo sorry that post came up twice! I don’t know what I did!


good topic tho!
I’m always paranoid about checking three or four times to make sure I put my expensive gingher scissors in my checked luggage and that my clover is around my neck. I’ve always taken my cross stitching aboard with no problem.
nice to know knitting and crocheting is allowed.

One good suggestion I’ve heard is to always carry a self addressed- stamped envelope with you just in case they confiscate something. That way you can at least mail it back to yourself, and not lose it.

Happy Flying :XX: :XX:


Ooh, great idea, Mary! Thanks :slight_smile:

Be sure to take along a SASE with you, just in case. They can choose to not allow you on the plane with your needles for any reason, or for no reason. If you have the SASE you can mail the needles back home.

BUT…I think they took out the mailboxes??? And you can’t ask them to do it…

gosh I wish someone from TSA was a KH poster…lol…

I checked in here during lunch at my desk and you guys have me LOL.

I had double-pointeds in the stocking I was working on to and from Denver out of Sacramento last week with no problem (knew the TSA site said they were ok, but I still wondered if they would make me unload them from my bag or give me a hard time). The rounded end scissors I sometimes carry have been pulled from my bag one trip out of maybe 10 and inspected to confirm that they were sufficiently rounded and then given back to me. I did not take my Gingher snippers, though, fearing their ends were too sharp and pointy.

Coming home from Denver last week I was worried whether I’d get a harder time about the needles than here in Sacramento. No, instead I got teased about Chocolate! The TSA guy greeting people as they unpacked for inspection wanted to know if I had a laptop or video camera in my briefcase, and for once I didn’t have the laptop to drag out and repack so I cheerfully replied “No.” And the agent then rather mournfully but insistently asked … "do you have any CHOCOLATE? I replied that I was so sorry I did not but I’m in Denver relatively often so I could bring some next time. Then the older agent at the metal detector looked at me scoldingly as he took my boarding pass and said “you better have chocolate next time.” I promised I would.

I usually use the flight time to read instead of knit - but I have taken cross stitch kits in my checked baggage… I wonder if I checked my knitting if it would be OK…

I’ll be :XX: and hubby will be :doh: giggle