Can you recommend a soft BULKY acrylic yarn?

What are some nice, soft bulky acrylic yarns that you have used and liked?? I want to make this sweater:

And it uses bulky yarn. I need acrylic due to family allergies to anything coming from an animal. So, if you love a BULKY acrylic give it a shout-out here!!! :cheering: :woot:

Question #2 - Would I be able to use 2 strands of worsted weight to equal the bulky?? In case I don’t find a bulky in a color I like.


Two strands of worsted would be heavier than bulky; 2 of dk weight would work. Wool Ease T&Q might work (or that could be super bulky), the wool in it is treated to be washable so that might make it safe for allergies. Bernat Softee Chunky is good too. Here are search results at ravelry for Bulky Acrylic yarn; some of them may be a blend, but it’s something to start with…

Thanks suzeeq!!! I’ve been looking at Brava yarn @ and it comes in Sport, Worsted & Bulky. So I could use 2 strands of their Sport weight instead of the bulky??

Is there any kind of a chart/website that I could use to figure all this out?? Like if I didn’t like the colors of a bulky yarn, I could use “fill in the blank” strands of a “fill in the blank” weight yarn instead??? Or the same with a Super Bulky weight?? What yarn weight could I use 2 strands together of instead?? Stuff like that!

That would be EXTREMELY helpful!!!

Two strands of sport is supposed to make worsted, but it may come out a little thicker since they’re just held side by side instead of plied together.

This articleexplains the ply system equivalencies which is probably easier to go by -
2ply = lace
2 2ply = 4 ply = fingering
1 each 2ply + 4ply = 6 ply = sport (more or less)
2 4ply = 8 ply = dk
2 sport = 10 ply = worsted
2 6ply = 12 ply = aran (heavier worsted)
2 8 ply = bulky
anything more than that is super bulky or super super bulky.

I liked Joann Fabrics’ Sensations bulky yarn. It was self striping and I loved it.

Here’s a little more information on the approximate weight for doubled yarn.