Can you re-do the cast on after finishing?

So I’m making this Upstairs stole (pdf) and have knit a couple of inches. I DO NOT want to frog it b/c I have hand problems and can only knit a few rows a day. (I will if I absolutely have to.)

The CO row seems too tight. I have a lifeline in at row 4. Would it be possible to put the needle back in there AFTER I finish the stole, cut off the CO row and re-knit those rows and then bind off more loosely?

That sounds like an idea. You may only need to cut out the CO itself, then pick up sts and knit a row then BO. Count the actual number of garter rows you have to make sure the other end will have the same number.

That shawl is gorgeous, did you translate or are you using the chart?

I prefer two bound off edges that match, rather than cast on and bound off edges that don’t quite match.

So, I have done as you described when I didn’t like my cast-on edge, unravelling the cast-on edge a couple of rows and then binding off. I didn’t need to join new yarn, and I do a better bind off than cast on anyway! (In this case I used the stretchy Russian bind-off.)

Another time, on a top-down raglan sweater, I used Barbara Walker’s provisional (two-direction) cast on. I was then able to bind off in a ruffled, lacy pattern at the neckline, sleeve cuffs, and sweater bottom, and they matched.

I got help with translating it. If you want a copy, PM me your email address and I’ll send it.

THANK YOU for your reply!!! I was just about to frog! How do you unravel the cast on? The yarn is lace-weight and breaks easily.

Hi, Gina! I’ve never used lace-weight yarn, so I don’t know about unravelling. I think that I would try the unravel + bind off sooner (rather than later). Then, if it just doesn’t work out, it would not be too great a loss of time and effort.
I wish you the best with this!