Can you make a yoke longer without making wider or would that look strange

Hello! I am knitting my first cardigan.

I am quite tall but I don’t like my knits to have a ton of positive ease. I’m making the second size so I can hopefully get a fit closer to what I want. However, I’m quite tall. I was considering making the yoke “longer” so it doesn’t cut into my armpits.

Is it possible to make a yoke longer without making it wider (increasing stitches) or would that be horrible for the structure or appearance? My general thought would be to just do a few more rows (no increases) before splitting sleeves from body. But would having several rows after the raglan increases (but before splitting sleeves from body) look strange?

You can try some variations. Put in a lifeline and see if adding sts to the front and back but not the sleeves gives you the shape you want.
You can also try continuing without the raglan increases. There are patterns that suggest that.