Can you look and tell?

I am still very new to knitting and I was wondering ~ is it easy to look at a finished product and know if it was done by knitting or crocheting? It seems like it should be obvious ~ but I have no clue. :??
I have a scarf that my husband bought me a few years ago at Walmart I believe, and I’d love to make something similar to it.
Here are a few pictures of it ~

I’m still wanting super easy projects to learn from and I haven’t quite finished my first knitting deal which is a bag ~ but I can’t wait to make myself a scarf and this one is just so cozy!![/img]

It looks crocheted to me, but I think Aidan could probably tell at a glance.

Yes, it’s crocheted.

Well that one would be out then. Thanks so much ladies! I feel pretty sure with all the patterns floating around that I can find something along these lines to knit instead.