Can you knit multiple panels at once?

Hi. So I am wanting to start a new Afghan project, but a lot of the patterns I am finding that I want to try are made of multiple panels that you make separately and then sew together and add the edging.
I however have never had any luck with sewing panels together, so I was wondering if I could simply knit the panels all at once on a set of circular needles.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks


It depends on the pattern, but yes, sometimes you can. I think one reason they often are knit like that is an afghan can be very heavy and bulky when it’s on the needles. Panels would of courses be lighter. But I’m like you and I’d much rather do it all at once. I’ve never done a full size afghan though.

You will need a very long cable. Possibly 60". Can you link to the patterns you’re thinking about? That would help a lot for us to see if it’s possible.

Thanks Jan.

Below is the pattern I am most interested in. It would be a bridal gift for a friend and I thought the cabled hearts and knots would be perfect.

I realize the panels have different number of rows for the repeat, but I’m fine with typing out an adjusted pattern to incorporate them together, just don’t want to go through the whole process to find out once I start that it won’t work. I have never tried to combine panels together before.

I may end up doing the panels, I just have a hard time getting the sewn edge to look right.

If you can crochet, there are several neat ways to join panels without a sewn seam (even on knitted work.) Otherwise, if you can coordinate the panel patterns, sure you cando them al at once. It really does get heavy, though.

I have knit many afghans over the years and prefer to knit them all in once piece rather than sewing panels or squares together!! Yes, it can get heavy and no, you probably don’t want to work on it during the summer but i like being done at the end!! No sewing and weaving in :woohoo: :woohoo: