Can you knit double stockinette stitch in a round?

Hi! I’m new here and I’ve been trying to knit some hats inspired by games, and I was looking into making thisS2_Gear_Headgear_Yamagiri_Beanie

And I was wondering if the double stockinette stitch would work for knitting hats, as there’s no actual brim and I don’t want the work to curl up…

Thank you in advance!

I’ve done double stockinette in the round. Using an even number of stitches the first round is k1, s1. Round 2 is sl1, p1 and repeat the two rounds. Make sure the yarn is between the front and back layers when slipping stitches. I’m thinking rnd 1 is slip with yarn in back and rnd 2 is slip with yarn in front. No promises.

Or you just knit single stockinette in the round for twice the length of rows then fold one end inside the other.

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