Can You In The Round With 3 DPN?

Hello! I still can’t get my 2006 Holiday Vogue Scarf i-cords going! ?
I only have 3 double point needles…is it possible to knit in the round with only 3? I can’t seem to get the stitches to connect and go in a circle!

You should be able to, though the first few rows could be a bit tricky. Do you have a circular needle the same size that could act as a 4th needle?

I start most of my in the round shawls w/ three needles. Half of each of the stitches on each of two needles and use the third to knit.

But wouldn’t you use just 2 needles for i-cord?

Knitting in the round with all the stitches on two needles plus one to knit sounds like no fun at all.

I have tons of DPNs in the smaller sizes, what size do you need? And the suggestion of using a circular for the 4th needle sounds good, too.

It’s possible - that’s what knitting on 2 circs is really - but incredibly awkward and slow (at least for me), I really had to manhandle my work. Not like fiddly until you get the hang of it but damn near impossible. Spend the money on another set - that way you don’t have to worry about losing one! Or if you have a dpn in a close size, you can use it, it will make a negligible difference.

In one of Amy’s videos she says you can sub one DPN of one size smaller/larger to make the set.

Great question! …I have no idea! The pattern (that I do not have with me & I am out of town…!) does not give instructions for “i-cord” but I believe that’s what it is…a tube a knitting, right? So I have about 4" of stockinette stitch 54 stiches long that I have folded in half and now I need to take a total of nine stitches, divide and conquer! I mean divide onto the needles and somehow make it into a circular tube :slight_smile: …but I forgot one of my needles at the house.

BecauseI am out of town I don’t have all my needles with me, but even if I was I lack for more of this size. I am using US size 4 & 6. I would so appreciate a needle hand out mwhite!
Let’s be in touch!
Hopefully I can get this ball rolling and knit my scarf!!
Thanks guys!

MMario- i do it that way too- half on the back, , half on the front. i find it way easier to keep track of stitch count.

and i run into trouble when i have the work on three dpns and a working needle- i knit so loosely that the ones not in use slip out of the stitches, and that is really aggravating. i tried putting caps on the ones not in use; but to be honest, that totally slows down productivity. Cap on, cap off, cap on, cap off.

I’m still curious.

the original post said i-cord. I-cord is usually done on TWO needles.

Yes, I think you have a confused knitter on your hands, MMario. What the heck is I=Cord? i am going to look it up now. I have to knit a tube in a circle on DPNs…and I need HELP doing it. Is that I-cord? I did find my 4th needle!! :slight_smile: Yay! But I agree with your kmsMaverick, 4 needles for a total of 9 stiches, sounds crowded…

I cord is a knitted cord or teeny tube. To make one, CO 3-5 sts on a dpn, knit across, slide the sts back to the other end and knit across. Pull tight on the first st so after a few rows it curls in on itself to make an itty bitty tube. You’re knitting only on the right side, but because of the small amount of sts, you don’t go around, but always start at the right side edge.

The scarf is not using I-cord - those are usually 2 - 4 maybe 5 stitches wide. It does use a narrow tubing. I don’t have the pattern handy, but it’s probably too many stitches to make a real i-cord. It probably makes a tube using 10-15 stitches. It will likely be ‘fiddly’ no matter which method you use - double pts, 2 circs, or magic loop. I expect once you get 2-3 inches done, it will be a little bit easier to work, though still a bit ‘fiddly.’

My suggestion, which involves no dpns though, is to use the magic loop technique. When I wanted to learn magic loop I only had a 4mm 16" circular needle and I did a 12 stitch tube to try it out. So if you have a circular needle in the right size you could try magic loop, Amy has a nice video about it.

Oh, I missed your post. You need your ‘tubes’ to be 9 stitches round. Yes, that will be too many for an I-cord to work. You will have to knit the ‘tube’ or ‘circular cord’ with either dbl pts, 2 circs or magic loop.

With 3 dbl pts, you’d have 3 stitches on each needle - I would find that just too fiddly for me, all those needles flopping arund with so few stitches. I agree with Cia - magic look will be the easiest way.

But with 9 sts, you can put them on 2 needles - 5/4 - and knit with a 3rd needle. Would be much less hassle than knitting with a full set.

Yes, SUZEEQ, that’s what I tried, but it comes out no tube at all, it’s hard to describe without one of you looking at the mess it becomes. It turns into a small stump of knitted yarn on one side and a small stump of knitted yarn on the OTHER side! Is there something I am overlooking that will get them to connect initially when I start knitting? Do I have to make sure I am on a certain stitch when I begin?
I did find my fourth needle so I can try it with 3 or 4 needles. It does sound bobbily.
I do not have any circulars but am curious about Magic Loop.

When it comes to I cords, I cheat. I double the yarn and crochet a chain the desired length.

You need to join your work for it to be in the round. Put your stitches on 2 needles, then lay them so they’re in a big V and the yarn is coming off the end of the right hand needle. With the 3rd needle and yarn in your right hand, start knitting on what would be the left hand needle. When all the sts are off it, use the empty needle and start knitting the sts on the other needle. Don’t go back and forth, go around. Check out how to use dpns here and it should help you. Even though you won’t be using 4 needles, the idea is the same.

Thanks guys! I did conquer that I-cord! And started my tube of circular knitting on two needles!! :knitting: