Can you imagine how long it would take

to knit these leggings? Ok, at least for me, I think it might take a day longer than forever.


oohhh but they look so pretty!! :smiley: maybe knitting them at the same time on 2 circs would be faster??

let’s talk about whether i would EVER want to put something knit like that on these thighs! :shock:

They are pretty, don’t you know that they would be warm, though?!

Isn’t warm the goal in winter? I would definitely wear them, but probably not those colors.


hahaha oh come on!! you can always wear a skirt on top of it :smiley: a short one

$38 for that much yarn isn’t really that bad of a deal…

but for that much work, i’ll just buy a set of long johns.

I’d love to make and wear those, but it seems like such a waste because I don’t do skirts. I could use all the warmth I can get, though!

Smartwool makes long johns in merino that are $50, but they only come in boring colors. I love Smartwool socks and always buy them if I find a sale. Last winter TJ Maxx had some.

I wonder if they would stretch out too much at places like the knees and leave me with “elephant knee syndrome.” Not a pretty thought.

I emailed Morehouse to see if I could purchase the kit in any of the colors not just the three listed on that page.

I think I will have to put it on my Christmas list. If I start this winter, I might be able to wear them next winter.


it’s a fingering weight yarn…you could probably use it for socks…lots and lots of socks…lol

I like them, thighs be damned!!!

You could double knit them like in that article on the latest knitty…I’m gonna do that on my next pair of socks.

how would that work on a pair of pants? :??

hmm…i guess if they were knit bottom up you could do that until you had to join…hmm…yeah i still wouldn’t do it. (especially now with the image of stretched out kneeular areas! :shock:

It would take about as long as the Dr. Who scarf I’m knitting now :wall:

but they do look cozy

Aw, come on Cate, Rochester winters aren’t that bad! :roflhard:

Not something that I would wear myself, I must admit.

Wow what a passion killer they would be :roflhard:

The way my legs and feet are swollen at the moment I would need the xxxxxxL size and they would take 2 life times :roflhard:

Nice find but I dont think I will put them on my to do list :noway:

:hug: Sharon

They are when you were born and raised in Maryland! :pout: