Can You FROG a Retail Sweater and Reuse the Yarn?

[COLOR="#300090"]Can you FROG store-bought sweaters and reuse the yarn? :shrug: I have a few store-bought sweaters that have a plain, k1, p1 rib pattern. They are seamed on the sides, sleeves, and shoulders.

Is it possible (not very difficult) to un-sew the seams and FROG so I could reuse the yarn? Would there be many cuts to knot together? :think:

I like the color of the yarn in these sweaters but have grown tired of the (k1, p1) rib, baggy fit, and too long sleeves. :nails: Am I just asking for a big head ache? :doh:

I guess I’d have to use WPI to determine yarn weight and needle sizes I would need.


–Jack :guyknitting:

P.S. Too “green” * to know if being “green” ** would be difficult.

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It depends on the sweater. If it’s cut from knit fabric then each row would be a piece of yarn. If it was knit in pieces and then sewn together then yes you could undo the seams and unravel each piece.

Yup, easily. Here’s a link with all kinds of info on recycling yarn out of old sweaters.

Here’s another one

I do this all the time, it’s fairly tedious and don’t waste your time on acrylic cause it’s cheap to buy. One thing you REALLY need to do this is a seem ripper.

While acrylic yarn is cheap to buy, $3 or less for a whole sweater’s worth is hard to match.

It’s really amazing how many 100% wool sweaters are out there, though…the charity shops are full of them!

True but it takes days to do it, at least for me it does. Acrylic no matter how much it is isn’t worth my effort UNLESS it’s a beautiful color I’ll find no where else or if it’s blended with wool and other stuff.

Haha I never thought of doing that. It sounds feasible

Thank you all! These are really good points.

In my case:
It has sewn seams (assembled from knit pieces, not surged or cut),
It is acrylic but I haven’t found colors I like in local craft or dept stores. [SIZE=“1”]( I keep thinking they don’t expect many men to use or wear FO from their yarn. )[/SIZE]
It has fuzzies (pilling) on it, so I guess that would also make it more frustrating.

So, do I choose the tedium of FROGGing or the pain of a LYS that still may not have colors the appeal to me?

–Jack [/COLOR]

If the yarn’s not worth it to you, don’t bother frogging. That’s why God gave us the Net, Jack. :wink: