Can you felt Kool aid dyed yarn?

I guess the title says it all :wink: . I am about to forray into clog making, and thought dyeing wool koolaid colors would be fun for kids clogs for gifts. Will the Koolaid hold up through felting? If I use 2 colors will it run together? I have never koolaid dyed either, but see the great tutorial here that I could use. Thanks in advanced for any help. :happydance:

OOooooOOO good question! I have no idea but I would imagine if the color is there then it should stay there right? :??

This is koolaid dyed and felted…I didn’t have any problems. :thumbsup:

Yes. I’ve done it and it worked very well. As long as the yarn was feltable to begin with, it should not be a problem and it should be a whole lot of fun. The felted vase and DD’s basket are both felted kool aid dyed items. You can see them on the www button below.

Thanks so much for all your help. I think I will order yarn from knitpicks and try it out. Can’t wait! :happydance: