Can you cut felted items?

I have this small purse I made. In Charcoal Valley Yarn. I felted and I wanted to cut up slits to pass some ribbon throught it… Is it possible? Will it destroy the bag?

Any ideas?



Anybody? :frowning:

Sorry…got carried away… giggle

Yes, Yes, Yes … cut away ! And, you can cut any shape you want out of felted swatches. Scrapbookers, teachers … yesterday I did some experimenting and cut shapes out of felted swatches using my Sizzix die cut machine. I felted a large square planning to use it for a pillow but it got too small. I took it to school and used our large Ellison die cut machine to cut circles 4"circles … now I have coasters!

Awsome news, Debbie!!! :heart: :heart:

** Grabs the Sizzix catalog with her trembling hands thinking about all the possibilities ** :shock: :shock:

also, from what I understand the felt in the stores, starts off like we start off, knit and then shrunk…:slight_smile: so my only caution would be, make sure it is felted nice and tight :slight_smile: (but that’s more me worrying than anything based on fact)

THis is a hat I made that the brim, I thought, was just TOOO big, so I cut half inch off all the way around. Seems fine. It did seem to “open” it up a bit more. Can’t really describe what I mean. But it worked. Looks like these are different hats, but it’s the same hat with different lighting.

If you are just weaving ribbon through, why not just SEW it through with a tapestry needle? Do you HAVE to cut it?

I agree with KK… because you might end up cuttin the hole too big. I’d try one of those huge curved upholstry needles. If the needle doesn’t want to go through the felt, you can run the shaft along your scalp and the natural oils from your hair will lubricate the needle enough to slide through. Don’t stab yourself though!

I can just see the Emergency Room report on this one…“Explain again how you got that laceration in your scalp?”

Giggle, this reminds me. A couple of years ago when bagels got really really popular, there was a sudden rise in bagel related emergency room visits, (dang, do I sound like a bumkin, are they still popular? I moved to the end of the earth, believe me, the end of the earth about four years ago) So clue me in here were bagel places a fad? LOL Oh this is a little depressing.


The problem is that the ribbon is about 1" wide, so it would look crappy if I just threaded (?) it throught it, kwim? I think I’ll just put a ribbon on the frint and forget the rest… :thinking:

Let me see how it looks like this…

Thanks guys! You rock! :heart:

jouf, that is a cool hat!!!

Thanks, Tigger. I think I’m totally addicted to making them and need to just move on to something else. But each one is my new favorite.