Can you CO in two different colors?

I’m wondering about creating a striped ribbing for a hat. I experimented a little, but don’t really know what I’m doing. Going to look around some more, but thought I’d ask.

I believe you can do a cable cast on with two colors, but will have ends to weave in. Or if you don’t mind a contrasting edge, you could do long-tail with two different yarns, and have one color be the stitch and one be the edge. I don’t really know how it will look, but at least it will be all one piece.

I did figure out how to do the cable cast on with two colors. It worked okay and looked pretty good as long as I was consistent with where I brought the other color over. I tried using two hands like fair isle, one for purling and one for knitting and it worked pretty well. The biggest problem I had was that the yarn is nasty donated stuff and it wasn’t pleasant to knit with. I may try again another time with better yarn. I’ll stick to basic patterns for the most part for charity stuff I think. :lol: Thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s fun to mess around and experiment sometimes, though. Learn for next time. :wink:

Very true. And this is actually a milestone for me. When I sewed I used to mix patterns and change things up all the time and I was pretty fearless when it came to crocheting, but until very recently I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it with knitting. I was kind of proud of myself. :lol: :cheering: