Can we talk about stripes?

I’m knitting the second sock of a pair using schoeller & stahl Fortissima Socka in a self-striping faux fair isle pattern. It’s only my second pair so not alot of experience here.

After much consideration I decided that I’d like my socks to be twins… yes, paternal twins, not fraternal twins. With the fair isle patterning it just seems like it should (to me anyway). I know, trying to rationalize my OCD tendencies here!! :wink:

So, I started off and did my best to start my cast on with the same color sequence and just when I was beginning to feel pretty good about it… the cream/green color change went haywire. I didn’t notice at first, until I took a break and when I compared them… argh!!! I’ve spent more time this evening than I like to think about googling and searching for a solution. My LYS where I bought the yarn is open late tonight so I’m stuck and turning to you KH’ers for [SIZE=“1”]help![/SIZE]!

Should I keep going and live with it, knowing I’ll never buy faux fair isle again or is there a way to finagle it without frogging entirely. Or should I just rip now since I’m not too far along. Or should I just shut up and go to bed hoping it’ll look better to me in the morning. [SIZE=“1”]help[/SIZE]

Sheech. It looks like you started in the same spot with the colors all right, but that one section sure looks different. Even the pinkish greenish section above the cream and green looks a little different but it is not so noticable there. I have no idea what you could do to change this, I’m just commiserating. Maybe someone will have a fix-it idea, but I’ll be surprised if there is one.

How frustrating! It definitely looks like you started in the same place and it’s just that spot that looks different. I would ignore it. Unless you want to frog it and then go through the ball of yarn until you find the next time it starts in those colours, I think it will keep knitting up that way. Just keep going and don’t worry about it and next time buy a solid colour!

The right sock looks narrower. Is there a chance you cast on less stitches? That could account for the change in how the colors layered upon each other. Just MHO.

Good eye Lighting57. I think it looks slightly smaller too but it’s the same # of stitches, knitted on same set of needles and I checked my gauge between the two socks the best I could considering sock number 2 is sort of bunched up on the dpn’s and it’s the same or darn close.
It could be just a small change can throw it off? The more I look at it, it looks like I’m only off about 4 stitches or so. :??

Oh well, thanks for the commiseration, it helps.

If the yarns aren’t variegated the same - would undoing it ever change or solve the problem?

I have a feeling they aren’t variegated in equal lengths … I had that happen on a project and ended up skipping a skein of yarn instead of using it, because the colors were so differently variegated there was no way to keep the pattern going the same.

Good luck with your socks that is so frustrating.

There are sometimes minor (or major) variations in the way self-patterning yarns are dyed. A couple of inches more of one color or another makes a big difference. To my eye your socks look great; I think the pattern variety addsspontaneity and life. And there’s nothing wrong with fraternal twins – or even kissing cousins.