Can’t tell between knit stitch and purl stitch


Hi there! I just started knitting about a month ago and have just now realized that all of my projects only have the purl stitch and not the knit stitch.

I have watch a ton of YouTube videos and read many instructions on how to knit stitch yet it still turns out as a purl stitch!

I am using Takumi US 8/5.0mm clover bamboo need,es with a stopper on the end. I am also using the grey “I love this yarn!” Brand and want to know what to do.

Thank you! Anything helps!


Welcome to the forum and to knitting!
You may be doing everything correctly. When you knit every row back and forth, you get garter stitch. It looks like a series of ridges similar to purl bumps.
If you purl every row, you get the same stitch pattern.
If you want to distinctly see the V-shape of the knit stitch, knit one row, turn and purl the second row. Keep alternating knit and purl rows and you’ll see stockinette stitch, a pattern of Vs on the front and purl bumps on the back. This works for knitting back and forth or knitting flat.



If you are doing the knit stitch for every stitch in every row, then it will look like the purl stitch. If you purl every stitch in every row, it will look the same.

You will have to knit one row and purl the next row to get the little v’s on one side and the bumps on the other side.