Can someone tell me what type of knitting or looming this is?

Hello I am a tad new here and hoping someone can help me with this question.

I have this blanket that my grandfather made for me as a child. He made all kinds of things from these little wooden looms. They had nails around the edges and then he threaded the yard through in some sort of pattern. He then used a small object and would weave in and out of the pattern to make blankets, table settings ect… No one in the family knows what this is called and I really would love to know the history of it.

Thanks for you help!

I have never seen anything like that, but did a Google search for “hexagon loom knitting” and found this. LINK I think it is what you are looking for. Interesting. There are so many different crafts. Your grandpa made a beautiful blanket! :heart:

Thank you so much!!! I have been searching all day with no success! Your awesome!

I have some hot pads using that technique, really love them. Thank you so much for the link, I’m going to look into doing some of that “lap loom” work.

I never tried this craft, but it was very popular back in the early 70’s that I remember. It may have started long before the 70’s though. I think I have seen these looms in Hobby Lobby along with phamplets that instruct on the method.

Hi - I have the speed-o-weave looms - in both hexagon and rectangular(or square) that make this very same pattern, not sure where I have them right now but will look. They are metal and have all sorts of pieces to make sides longer and shorter. They are very easy to use and make anything from doilies, placemats to blanket. It can be used with all kinds of thread (fine) or thicker material. I saw them last winter in an online catalogue but I can’t remember where. Will reply again if I remember or can find them again. jb