Can someone please help explain how to finish the following pattern?

I’m knitting this headband/ ear muff for my sister. I finished the body part, but I’m not clear about the ending.

"Bind off as follows: *K2 tog. Place resulting stitch back on left needle. Repeat from * across. Sew “back center seam. Weave in ends.”

The full instructions are at

I started off with 96 stitches if someone could please explain in detail how I’m supposed to finish this piece and how many stitches are supposed to be left.

I need to finish before Christmas.

You should repeat the instructions for bind off all the way around the entire headband (or until only one st remains). K2tog as you usually do. You’ll have one st from this new round (or row if you knit flat) on the right hand needle. Slip that st back onto the left hand needle and knit it together with the next st on the left hand needle. Again slip the new st back to the left hand needle and k2tog with the next st. Keep repeating these steps until there is only one st left. Break your yarn and thread it through the single remaining st. Do all this fairly loosely so that the bind off is nice and stretchy.

When you do this BO keep it very loose, don’t pull on the yarn much when you k2tog. You’ll be knitting the stitch that results from the k2tog with the next st on the needle and that reduces them. I like to do this more like a SSK - slip 2 sts separately knitwise, put the L needle into the front of the sts and knit together. Slip the next st, put the Left needle into both sts in the front and knit together. Repeat.

so there should only be one stitch on the right needle?

Depends how you do it. K2tog, there’s one st on the needle, put it back to the left and knit it together with the next one and there’s one st on the R needle. But it’s easier, faster to leave the st on the R needle, slip the next st to the R needle and put the L needle through the front of both of them and knit them together.

thank you both for explaining how to bind off and finish my project. It’s a lot stretchier on one side but thats probably because of the yarn I used. I think it will do its job though.