Can someone explain this pattern to me?

I get how to make it, but the assembly has got me baffled.

if I understand correctly I make one of the hourglass shaped rectangles then sew some of the wrong sides together (except where the collar fold is) leaving a spot for the armholes.

There is no seam down the middle of the circle right?


No the seams will be the side seams. Spread it out so the CO rib is on the bottom and the BO rib is at the top. Then take the 2 corners on the left side and seam them along the ribbing to the mock rib as far as you need to leave room for armholes. Do the same on the right side.

thanks, I get it now, I need to make two and sew them side by side, the sew up the ends for the arm holes. I had to have my husband the engineer look over the plans for me. My spacial reasoning is just not what it should be!

Noooo, you just make 1, it’s kind of folded in the middle. Let me try to make a diagram…


Put left corner C (for Cast on) with left corner B (for Bind off) and sew toward x, the center of that edge. Leave about 8 inches unsewn for the armhole. Repeat on the right side.