Can Mercerized Cotton Be Used For Socks?

Just wondering…


Anything [I]can[/I] be used for socks, but I don’t think plain ol’ cotton will work that well really. I think the best sock fiber has a little polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc in it.

Here’s some cotton and cotton blend sock yarns.

I’m sure there are many more, too.

Don’t think that mercerized cotton would work for socks. It is not stretchy enough, and socks need to stretch to fit snugly. linknit41

I knitted socks using mercerized cotton. I actually only knitted one; but I will finish the pair later. I love the striping of the yarn, but the sock is rather “heavy” on my needles. The sock feels different - it’s hard to describe actually. Honestly, I would not use it again and I don’t think the socks will be of regular use to me. But they are really cute because of the pattern.

Here’s a picture:

I once picked up a ball of cotton that I declared I was going to make socks out of…and the woman behind the counter told me it was a bad idea. The heel will wear out too fast…

Then when I went to knit it…it wasn’t pleasant…so I stopped. THAT was not mercenized…it was closer to a better quality handicrafter, but still…

I haven’t tried it again since!

My LYS has some beautiful mercerized cotton and the stripping is awesome. This does stretch because most of the ladies in the knitting group made shopping bags out of it. One of them came in with it filled with stuff form the farmer’s market. It was big ( I would have said huge but exaggerating a bit). It does stretch. I thought of using it for socks but the ladies said it would be too thick. I was very costly as one hank with about 400yds cost me $38.95. The yarn is : Schaefer Yarn Company Laurel, it is very nice!

I tried using it for a bag and there are pictures on Ravelry. Ripped it out as the bag was an online pattern and way too small for use.

Thanks everybody for all the advice. I will probably use the yarn for another project.

Hey, thanks! This is a great use for mercerized cotton. I got a bunch of it from a friend (his mom passed away and was knitter/crocheter) and I haven’t figured out what to use it for. I don’t crochet, but making one of those shopping bags would be great! Thanks for the tip!

I think the ‘stretchiness’ in this case because it was cable plied. Not positive about this, but I think I heard that before. Your average cotton isn’t and wouldn’t work for socks.