Can It Be Done?

I am almost finished with my project. It is a small blanket. Now that it is knitted, I thought I would do something with the edges. At first I thought I would crochet something, but now I thought about knitting something. My question is: After you have completed your project (my case blanket), can you go back and knit around the edges using the stitches on the edges. If you can, how would I go about getting started and doing it. Thank you. Margie:knitting:

Absolutely you can. You’ll just need to learn to pick up and knit. Do a google search and you will find tons of help on how to pick up stitches.

Pick up and knit is your best bet. There are tons of info and videos all over the web. It may be a little harder since this is already done. Usually, when the pattern calls for picking up to knit, it will have you slip a stitch at the beginning of the row so that you have larger loops to work with (the heel flap of a sock comes immediately to mind). I hope we get to see a picture of what you do with it.

It CAN be done, but there are a couple ways to go about it. If you want to do it all at once in the round you’ll need to have a long circular needle. Size will depend on the size of the blanket. You pick up and knit till all the stitches are on the circ. You’ll need to do increases at the corners to miter them so they will lay flat.

If you want to do each edge separately you just need a long enough circ for one edge at a time. You start the same way though by picking up and knitting.

There is a video here for picking up stitches.