Can I use sport weight instead of worsted?


I have a hat pattern that I have made several times and it gives directions for worsted and bulky but the yarn my little friend picked out is sport weight. Can I use it and if so what modifications, if any, should I have to make? Needle size, double the yarn, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help.


You can use it if you get the right gauge. Since sprot is thinner than worsted, you’ll have more stitches per inch, and therefore, a smaller finished project.

Make a gauge swatch to see what your stitch per inch is. Then you can see how much modifying you need to do.

You might be able to make it work by going up a needle size or 2 (do a gauge swatch), but keep in mind this will make a looser-knit hat.

You can double the yarn, and you’ll have a thicker possibly less-flexible fabric.

My advice is to make a bunch of swatches and see where you are.

If the hat gives directions for worsted and bulky yarn I would do a swatch with a double strand and try the needles you used for worsted and also try out the ones for the bulky and see what kind of gauges you get. See where you stand with gauge on those needles and decide whether you are closer to the bulky or the worsted gauge and go from there. Then change needles based on what you learned until you get the exact gauge or awfully close. I would think you could get a nice fabic with a double strand of sport using either the worsted or bulky directions.

You could try it doubled if you have enough, that would be an equivalent to bulky, and you’d need to use size 10-11 needles.