Can I use dpn instead of two sets of circulars?

Due to my knitting… issues, I’m not able to use circular needles yet, but I think I can use dpn’s.

ANYhow, I was just wondering… in this pattern for “Cigar” gloves, it calls for two sets of circulars…

Can I substitute dpn’s instead?

It will be my first project knitting in the round. It looks realy hard, but it’s the ONLY thing I can find that I think my DH will actually wear!!

If I am just being entirely too ambitious with this whole project, please feel free to say that too. :slight_smile:

I see no reason why not. The designer only expresses a preference for circulars. I also see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot. There is an abundance of help here if you need it. Good Luck :thumbsup: