Can I use circulars?

Hi. I have just bought a pattern for a beret which uses straight needles instead of circulars. I, like many, hate doing seams. The yarn is Sirdar Escape d.k. [don’t know if it is available yet in the U.S., I am in the U.K] and it is a self patterning yarn. If I want to use circulars, so I knit in the round rather than straight, can this be done? i.e. do any adaptions have to be made? :??

Yep, you can switch to circs. Leave off 2 sts that would be the seamed ones, if you leave them in it may come out a bit too large. Then mark your beg of round and start. Is the WS patterned or just purled? If it’s purled, knit instead. If it has a pattern, that may need to be converted. Any ribbing is done by just knitting the knit sts and purling the purls.

Thanks for that Suzeeq, the pattern is called tuck stitch but firstly there is plain increasing rows i.e. the purl side goes like this 'P2, m1p [which is m1 but purling into the back of the loop], so would this be k2 then knit through the back of the stitch? Then it goes on p3,m1p so many times then p4,m1p so many times. So would the purl stitches here just be knitted? The actual pattern is first row. K1, p1 to last stitch then k1 Row 2 is P1, knit into st on row below, p1 Row 3 Knit Row 4 Purl then when you shape the crown all the stitches are knit ones. So again what would I do here?

You’d want to m1k as shown on the increases page, not a kfb. So k2, m1, k3, m1, etc.
The stitch on row 2 may be tricky. I’d say k1, k1 in the stitch below, k1, repeat. then knit rows 3 and 4. See how that comes out. There’s a video for k-b on the Glossary page that shows how to do that.
One thing I do for converting patterns is to make a sample of it flat to see how it’s supposed to look so I can get it to come out right when I knit it in the round.

Yes, I think I’ve got that Suzeeq. Thank you so much for your help, yet again:thumbsup: