Can I use a different yarn

Hi I have a man’s knitting pattern that tells me to use Wendy Ramsale DK (100%)wool in the colour Milton,I am unable to find this wool,please could someone tell me what I can use instead,thank you Freda

Hi Freda,

This screenshot of the Wendy yarn shows how many sts to 4" and how much yardage it has, try to find any DK weight yarn you like that has the same info ( or as near as) on the ball band.
Hope this helps


Thank you for letting me know. Takecare Freda

Yarnsub is a great site, free and no sign up.
Put in the yarn you need to substitute and it will give you a list of suitable yarns. They won’t be identical but close.
You can also change the filters for instance if, like here, the original yarn is wool, but perhaps you want make it for a vegan or someone who has a wool allergy, you can use a filter for a different fibre such as plant fibres or man made acrylics.
It gives an idea of the price range too if you want to splash out or knit on a budget.

Then just look up a few of the suggestions online and see if they have the colour you like, and if it’s available in your local shop or online depending how you prefer to buy.

You would need to take care of the number of balls needed depending in the meters per ball of each yarn.
Number of balls needed for pattern in the size you want in original yarn = total meters needed.
Then divide by the number of meters in each ball of the yarn you want to use = number of balls needed.

It can take a bit of time but it’s lovely not to be constrained so much by the yarn on the pattern but to have more choices.

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Good suggestion from @Freda. If you want help in your search you might find this site useful.
Yarn substitution made easy