Can I substitute a k1 front and back for a yarn over

My yarn over “hole” is too big and messy looking

I don’t think you can, because then you won’t get a hole at all, is it a lacy pattern, or a garment, like a sweater?

It is a top down sweater by cabin fever. Any help would be much appreciated.

If you don’t like the YO, use another inc.

As Sue says you can choose another. Just be aware that they look different. I’ve used KFB and don’t mind it…I think the little bar on it is decorative. :thumbsup:

If you want to have no hole at all you can use another increase. Kfb may work or, depending on how the YOs are used in the pattern you might need to use an increase that is made between stitches, I’m not sure.

If you want the YO hole but would like it to be smaller…I’m wondering how it is used in the pattern? Is there lace or some special pattern stitch that the YO is a part of? Or is it possibly used on each side of a armhole seam? If all your yarn overs are done between knit stitches I know something that will make them slightly smaller. For years I made my YOs the wrong way and never knew it, but it made them a little smaller than normal. This will only work between knit stitches, but instead of making the YO the usual way wrap the yarn around the needle the other way and to the back before you knit the next stitch.

She said it was top down, so I’m thinking a YO is used for the (raglan?) increases. But they can be knit/purled through the back on the next row and shouldn’t show as much.

I would like to see some pattern info, however i believe you can sabstitute- especially if you want to get some unique results.