Can I "shrink" my soleil?

OMG! I am close to finishing my soleil tank, made with knitpicks sonata, and I guess I should have measured myself before I started because it is absolutely huge! :frowning: I refuse to frog it…it can always be a gift to an older sister who is bigger than I am but, I was really knitting it with me in mind!
Since it is made of cotton, can I shrink it? What do you all think? Can I control the shrinkage? What is the best way to go about doing this? :??

thanks in advance!


I really doubt that the cotton would shrink THAT much, but if you will have enough leftover of the yarn you used, you could at least knit a test swatch and try shrinking that first (measuring it before and after), before you try to shrink the whole thing and potentially ruin it.

If it’s cotton and it were my decision, I would try to shrink it…wash in hot water rinse cool. The worst that can happen would be that it shrinks too much…not sure you can control that except maybe use a short cycle to start with.

Maybe someone else has tried that with this yarn…I know a lot of people here have used it. You may want to post somehting on the main board like “KP Sonata…anyone have success with shrinking?”