Can I knit together crochet granny squares?

This blanket has been haunting me since December. I was quite taken with the photo in a 30 year old Woman’s Day my grandma gave me, and learned to crochet just so I could make it.

It is 169 granny squares, and I dedicated my entire 2 week Christmas vacation to finishing the squares. Then it sat and sat and sat mainly because I can’t really understand the assembly instructions. I even posted on crochetville and some people explained it to me, and others gave me easier ways I could assemble, but honestly, I couldn’t really understand any of it.

Is there any way I can just KNIT them together? I think my other option is going to be to PAY someone else to do it, but then I feel like I won’t be able to take as much pride in the FO.

I would just crochet it using a slip stitch or a single crochet. Trust me knitting it would be a pain-trying to pick up stitches.:wall:

I agree with 1 to 1. It’ll be much easier to crochet the pieces together. Your other option is to sew them together using yarn and a yarn needle (just like you’d sew up the seams on a sweater), but I’ve found that crocheting them together requires less repair less often.

I would crochet them together. I can’t imagine how to knit them. The Crochet Dude has free joining instructions which make a beautiful join. Perhaps a bit loopy for a baby blanket, but it’s very pretty. samm

You guys are so mean, :lol:

Ok, I’ll try the sc or slip stitch once more. I hate being outsmarted by yarn and a hook!

There is a way you can knit them together. You could pick up stitches on one side of one square and the same side on another, and then graft them together. You start out with a center square, and then add 4 squares onto it, and then graft the corresponding stitches together.

*edit- you could also do a three needle bind off, which is totally knitting, no weaving to it, but it would make a bulkier seam than grafting.

Well, I sat down and tried to follow the directions tonight and somehow this time it worked! I don’t know why I thought it was so complicated before. I am about 1/3 done. How silly do I feel that I thought it was so impossible?!

I am going to assemble a Crazy Quilt Afghan soon…just a humble 48-8"x8" knitted squares…and I intend to use mattress stitch.

I like the ‘control’ mattress stitch gives me over how it looks on the face. I will poke my tapesty needle in and out VERY CLOSE to the edges so that the reverse side still looks decent.

Glad it worked out for you! :happydancing: What’d you use?

I used “following the directions”, lol! Let’s see, holding wrong sides together, I did 2 sc in each space, chain two. I have no idea why it didn’t work before. I was probably overthinking it, or I had in my mind how it “should” look and maybe that was different from how it was really supposed to look.

I should be able to post the FO by this weekend (it goes a lot faster than I imagined!)

Ok kids, the FO is posted in the Whatcha Knitting forum