Can I just knit border rather than PU st and add


I’m wanting to make a baby blanket and the directions have you knit the body and then PU st and knit ribbed border on all sides. I don’t care to PU st so is there any reason I can’t just knit the top and bottom border along with the main body? Or will the side borders which I would PU st and knit look different than the top and bottom?
I’m looking at Redheart pattern WR2029.
Also the suggested yarn has been discontinued. What’s most important for a substitute, weight, gage? I’m thinking of using Bernat softee baby which is a 3 rather than the suggested 4. The suggested yarn was also a boucle, will that make a difference? Will I need to change needle size? Could I use a chenille?

Can you link to the pattern?

In most cases you can just do the border as you knit. If it’s ribbed it won’t be the same on the sides of course. You could do a garter stitch border all around as you knit the body though. Or seed stitch.

A 3 is about DK weight and 4 is worsted so the blanket would be smaller if you do that. You can increase your cast on to make it bigger or add a wider border as you knit.

Yarns like boucle or chenille won’t show the stitches as well so I’m assuming the pattern isn’t detailed? Personally I hate knitting with those, but there’s no reason you can’t.

Thank you for replying. It never occurred to me to change the border pattern to a different stitch. Duh! The pattern is a simple stockinette with a pattern made using k2tog and yo. With the stockinette stitch I knew I had to have a border - just hate to have to pu stitches to knit.

I don’t care to use boucle either but the suggested yarn, Red heart moon and stars - discontinued, was one and had a plush look from what I could tell from the pic.

Wish I could have attached a hyperlink but that’s something else I haven’t figured out how to do yet.

When I knitted that blanket I added an extra 10 stitches. After casting on the total amount, I knit every row for 10 rows. Then I knit the first 5 and last 5 stitches of every row, along with the regular pattern inbetween. Then at the end I knit another 10 rows for the top border.

I don’t think it will make a difference which yarn you use. You might want to knit a sample first, to see which size needle will produce the knitted fabric you like best.

Hth, knitcindy