Can I just freak out NOW?


ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS, is the bag that I have been TRYING to make…NO idea it’d be called a SATCHEL>…This is EXACTLY what I KNOW she wants…sigh…sooooooooo…off to frog again…I think…first I am going to check my measurements…

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for whom ever posted this…I feel MUCH better that I won’t have to think and stress about it.

at least this time around there was only ONE ball involved!!!

Oooh, I LOVE that!!

Glad you found “THE” pattern; too bad you have to :frog:, but at least you’re working with a pattern now! :cheering:

ooh…Im not sure if this is a BAD freak-out (because of the frogging) or a GOOD freak-out (because of finding the perfect pattern)! :??


:frowning: HUGS! :frowning:


:cheering: YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! She’ll LOVE it!! :cheering:

this is an ALL OF THE ABOVE freak out…

AND when I started it…the pattern isn’t REALLY clear for the big bag…and I had to frog that TOO…but I am well on my way now. Bottom is done, and I am one round thorugh the sides…whew…NOW I might get this done in the 4 days I thought it would take!!!

Why is it projects always seem to take longer than you think they are going to take???


I think that thing called LIFE gets in MY way…