Can I frog some pilly yarn and have a nice finished product?

I am some diaper soaker shorts and pants in lovely Manos del Uruguay yarn. Lovely, lovely yarn!

My DS is potty learning, and I’m seriously considering frogging one or more of these pants/shorts to make other projects with. :shock:

Here’s my question - there’s a pair of wool shorts in a colorway that would be PERFECT for a hat and scarf for my dad! (thinking ahead to Christmas here) But, the yarn is VERY pilly. You know how Manos pills!

If I give it a good shave, and frog it, can I make a nice FO out of it? Anyone have experience frogging yarn that isn’t tip top?

I’m also not sure how to tell if I would have enough yarn to make a hat and scarf. :?? If anyone has any advice there, I’d sure appreciate it.

Just don’t tell whomever you make the hat for that the yarn used to be on someone’s behind! :wink:


It will never look new again. So if that’s a concern, I wouldn’t give them as a gift to someone else. Why not frog and knit a hat for your baby?