Can I ever wash my felted handbags?

I’ve made a couple of felted bags, and they turned out great. They’re darker colors, though. I have the yarn (a light yellow Cascade 220 and multicolored HipHop) for another one. Now I’m thinking light yellow is going to show dirt, so can I wash the bag one day when it needs it? I think the answer will be no, but I thought I’d see if anyone has experience with that.

My experience is that you can wash felted items. Wash by hand in cold water using Woolite. Block and dry as you did when you first felted the bag.

Yep. Once it’s felted, you just treat it with TLC like you would all your other woolen items.

I spray my lighter colored bags with a fabric guard product that is used on furniture. It helps delay the inevitable! :smiley:

Karen W.

I’ll be sure to scotchguard the bag. I wanted something more summery, but may wish I’d used a darker color. I need to get a grip, I’ve only been knitting since April and am on my 3rd purse. :XX:

ooh, cringe, I don’t think I could bear to spray that stuff on my wonderful natural fibers. (tree hugging hippie like KellyK here). I’d think it would be fine just washing it on occasion, no?

Well, happy knitting in any case! Sounds like a fun project. :smiley:

Good to know…I’ll be felting my first felted piece soon. Does it really have to be blocked afterward? Oh how I dislike blocking…

I spilled a caramel macchiato yesterday on my felted bag. I washed it gently with cold water and a drop of Dawn dishwashing detergent and all appears fine so far.

Does anyone even know what a macchiato is?

espresso drink - really more fluff than coffee :oops: :lol: - this one is vanilla Torani syrup, espresso, steamed milk, a bit of caramel, foam on top, more drizzle of caramel. :heart:

Sounds delish! I know its a coffee drink, but I mean, what seperates a macchiato from an espresso, or latté? not that it has ANYTHING to do with knitting. Except knitting a coffee cup cozy?

I’m gonna take a wild guess - a more coffeeliterate person needs to correct me: a latte is espresso, steamed milk and usually foam on top. just ‘espresso’ is a plain shot.

I think you’re right so far, but what then is a macchiato? the question reamins… :thinking:

There are two types of macchiatos 1) straight espresso marked with a dollop of warm foamed milk 2) a steamed milk macchiato where the steamed milk is marked with an espresso poured slowly over the milk foam at the side of a clear glass.

Don’t think I am a coffee Prodigy or anything… I googled it :wink:

Well I’m sure glad thats cleared up, thanks!

thanks Nuno! :thumbsup: :smiley:

You can absolutely wash your felted items…just block them again afterwards. I washed DH’s felted slippers SEVERAL times just to get them to the right size. I even let them go through the spin cycle! :shock: