Can I do this?

I want to make a knitted beret. I am going to use the technique that art lady showed me using 2 circular sets of needles for a small diameter cast on.

The problem is I only have 1 set of 5 size needles, can I substitute either 4 or 6’s for the other circular needle?

If you are only doing this for the cast on, I’d think you could do it without any problem. My inclination would be to start with the size 4s, but you might want to experiment with both and see which works better for you. (I’m not sure which cast on you are talking about-if you could point me toward the thread, that would be awesome!)

It is for the single cast on. I start out with 8 stitches and increase to 16 with a KFB on every stitch. I would get it big enough where I would put it on dpn’s. Those are all size 5. Another alternative is to keep the knitting on the circs and go from there. The pattern does mention magic loop but I have yet to really accomplish that to the point I feel comfortable. Hence transferring to the dpn’s of which I know I can do. But to start out, at least for the first 16 and probably 32 stitches it would have to be 2 different sizes, unless I go get another pair of size 5 circs.

I think it would work. You can give it a shot and do a few rounds of the pattern. If you don’t like it, you can always frog it and get the matching needle. But I think it would probably look fine using two different sizes for your purposes.