Can I do it with wool?

Hallo, it’s Christmas gift planning time again …

I"ve found some DK weight wool in my auntie’s favorite colour, and I’d like to make the Argosy scarf from Knitty with it. My question though: The one’s in the original pattern are made of a) Silk and b) Cotton/Hemp. Will the wool be either to heavy or too limp for the structure of the scarf?

It probably won’t drape the same way and might be too stiff. I would try a few rows and see.

Maybe a wool blend, or something nice and soft since the scarf goes around the neck. . .I would think it too scratchy on the neck if not.

Actually, I think you might very well be able to get away with it. The gauge is about right for DK, and since in the end, gauge isn’t that relevant in this particular case, then if you knit it a bit on the looser side, it might drape just fine. I would try a few inches of it and see what you think.

I think you could sub it as well. People have made it with sock yarn, heavy yarn, dk weight - all types of yarn. Do try it out for several inches or pattern repeats; maybe use a needle a size or so larger than you would with the DK to make it lighter and help with the drape.

I looked on Ravelry at what yarns have been used to make it and it has been made in cotton, wool, silk, acrylic, blends etc, even in different weights (fingering to worsted) and they all look beautiful! Unless your yarn is a fuzzy and won’t show the pattern I don’t see a problem. You may have to play with the needle size to give it the fabric you want, but otherwise I’d say go for it.

I think I’ll go up in needle sizes (and maybe gauge) and see how it looks. Thanks for the suggestions.

Sounds like a plan. That’s a very forgiving pattern. After you experiment a bit you may find you don’t need to change the needle or gauge: the pattern stitch has a nice geometric feel that I think would look great in a DK with some body and firmness.