Can i convert a knit in the round pattern to flat?

Here is the pattern:

Can i knit this flat and seam it up later?

If so, do I need to add a stitch on each end to avoid the pattern being swallowed up by the seam?

If so, how does this effect the fair isle work? Can fair isle only be worked in the round?

Thank you in advance!
Carly :wink:

Hmmmm… it might cause some headache, but sure you can. It would be a good idea to add a stich to each end for seaming insurance. I guess you would just cast on the amount of stiches and follow the pattern like regular… that is quite a smart idea, way to go :thumbsup:

Fair Isle is easier to knit in the round, since you’re always looking at the front of the work, but it can be done flat. Just make sure you read the purl rows from left to right.