Can felted hat be done unfelted?

Hi I am brand new to this site. While I was looking around for a hat I wanted to make There it was (almost)

The felted hat in the Free Patterns section is what I want to make in cotton unfelted.

Can anybody help me convert the gauge?

Had a pattern for a hat like that one years ago, and of course, lost the pattern and cannot remember if it was in an old Woman’s Day or Family Circle.

This seems to be a great site. Hope to hang round for a while. :smiley:

I have no clue about the hat–I do imagine it would be floppy, though.

But I did want to say Welcome! :smiley:

There was a discussion on here a bit ago about a cotton hat–

Some of those ideas might help! And welcome! :smiley:

You COULD take a pattern for a felted hat and make it without felting it: you’d have to use much smaller needles. What i would do is start with a needle sized 2 smaller than recommended, and knit a swatch, and measure your guage… then, check out the pattern… if it says to cast on 50stitches, will 50 stitches in your guage give you enough inches to fit around your head? If your guage tells you that the hat would still be too big, then try smaller needles. I think doing this would require a lot of trial and error AND a lot of math. Fortunately i am a math nerd, so i can probablly help with that. But start with a guage swatch, and go from there.

Hi Knittyme! I can’t answer your question… I am relatively new as well. But, I just wanted to say welcome and we hope you do stay around for a while. :smiley:

I appreciate all the help offered.

Hildegard, that makes sense shall try.