Can felted clogs be worn outside?

Just curious if these are more of a house slipper type thing??

I think they could be if you added a leather sole.

How would a leather sole be added?? DO they make leather yarn??? I wanted mine for around the house, and going to mailbox etc, but was just curious cuz Im bad to run around town in in any shoe left by the door, :oops:

They make leather soles that you can sew on–not knit.

I’ve worn mine outside (without a sole) on the deck and they were fine, but once I got on the rocky driveway–ouch. I think the wool would wear out quickly if you were to wear them as shoes without a sole.

Where do you find such a sole to put on them??Ive never even heard of such a thing!!

The company that o

I wear mine to the mailbox and back without soles all the time.

The same company that puts out the pattern also offers soles. You can also find leather pieces in any craft store that you could use to sew to the bottom. Some people have also used rubber glue as a sole. You can probably get lots of ideas from the clog thread.

Umm…a quick search on Google:

Paradise Fibers
Paradise Fibers - another one?

I think it’s the same paradise fibers, but is their new site with better ordering and shopping cart (according to them).

I have a question for you ladies that made your felt clogs: what yarn did you use, and how is it holding up? Does it pill? I posted on another part of this forum about which wool to use for felted clog slippers. I’d like to make some, but I would love some advice on which wool yarn to buy. Thanks!!

I used Cascade 220 and it worked fine. No pilling, no complaints.

Any 100%, non-superwash wool should work. Many people have used Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks because it is inexpensive and felts well.