Can anyone suggest a beginner project - something for DS?

I can’t figure out what the best project would be for me to do after I’m dong with my Lighthouse dishcloth (I only have about 10 more rows on it!). And, I can’t seem to find a good easy toddler hat pattern that is knit flat…

I’d love to make something for my toddler… but I keep shying away from hats because the thought of using 4 or 3 or however many double pointed needles makes me cringe! I’ve never knitted in the round before… (when I watched the video it looked hard!).

Any suggestions for my next project? Even if you have a suggestion that’s not toddler related, I would love to hear it! :slight_smile:


what about knitting in the round with circs? i have knit a bunch of toddler hats all in the round on circs. you have to finish on DPNs of course but finishing on DPNs is easy peasey and a lot less intimidating to finish with as a first attempt than starting. and when you get started knitting in the round you find out how fast it goes…you are done in no time at all!

you might want to try Bev’s Country Cottage I was just browsing the other day and there were several hat patterns that were knit flat and all kinds of clothing patterns.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Knitting in the round is so easy and it’s nice not to have the seam. I just finished my first one, too. Here is the pattern I used if you’d like to see it.

knitting on circs is even easier than knitting flat, imho.

Hats are GREAT second projects…and if you pick a nice simple roll-brim hat, there’s only knitting…no purling, no fancy business. GO FOR IT!!

I saw a great pattern for a toddler hat that is basically a rectangle, you fold it in half and seam it and put little tassels on each point… hmmmm
:figureditout: Here it is… all you’d have to do is a little light math to figure out how big to make it for your DS…