Can anyone send me a link to this pattern?

I know I seem like a moron. Actually, I am when it comes to knitting. I just started recently. But does anyone know how/a link to do this pattern?

I want to make a very similar blanket.
Thanks for putting up with me!
-Alyssa Marie

It looks like a seed stitch/stockinette basket weave. It looks to be about 5 stitches across for each box and five or six stitches long.
It’s pretty.

Yep, instead of doing k5, p5, you do k5, seed st 5 (pkpkp). Then rev after 5 rows.

That looks like one of Shandeh’s (from the forum) patterns. She has it written out here.

We used that on one the oddball baby blankets - it looked really nice. Good luck with it!

I think that is a good pattern to start with because you will use only the two stitches (knit and purl) and repeat them many times in an even pattern. (Nice practice). Your product will be reversable.
If you put it down and then pick it up the next day, you just have to count the stitches below the needle to know how to continue.