Can anyone identify this yarn?

Hello! I’m new here (and to knitting generally) and looking for some help… hoping this is the right forum!

I am trying to identify a yarn that I have nearly run out of. I bought it years ago and have lost the label. After a long time searching online and looking over brand names to see if they rang a bell I have come up empty.

The yarn is quite delicate, sea green ish colour with white flecks. That’s the best description I can give, but have uploaded an image.

Please can anyone help me to identify this so I can buy some more? Thank you!


It would help us better if u could take a picture of just the yarn itself. Pull some out of the project and spread it out on the table. Then take a picture for us.


Hi there,
Please see attached some further photos.
Thanks for you help!


The closest I could find via a google search was Sirdar Cappuccino, which is discontinued now but it looks very similar. Yarnsub didn’t know what it was though lol.

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Thank you very much for looking and helping me out with this. I have since used up the yarn and made a short but functional scarf!

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No problem, glad to hear what you managed to make still worked out!