Can anyone identify this stitch?

…… it might even be crochet!



@LoobyLoo, the photo didn’t attach. Can you edit and upload again please?

It might be a form of tuck stitch, where threads from several rows are drawn up into a stitch higher up.

Is it a machine-knitted item? Knitting machines can make lots of interesting variations on tuck stitch. Some of these can be replicated in handknitting.

I haven’t seen this exact one, but here’s a blog post about tuck stitch:

This handknitting stitch might give a similar effect if done on slightly larger needles:

Maybe Fisherman’s rib or half Fisherman’s rib?

This is crochet. It’s called the Camel Stitch. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube on how to do this. It’s a great stitch for crocheting headbands or ear warmers.

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Thanks, it’s a John Lewis blanket in a hotel bedroom so I suspect it is machine knitted. It’s definitely pulling in thread from different rows