Can anyone help?

Hi, I am new here :slightly_smiling_face: and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or would be able to help me with this blanket I made please?

I have no idea what has gone wrong for the edges to not be straight. I followed the pattern and counted every stitch. I tried my best to keep my tension the same but the corners are awful and the sides are wavy. I tried stretching it out a bit to block it and it looked worse! If anyone could suggest a way to fix it or even just suggest what may have gone wrong it would be so appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, that is beautiful color work in that blanket and your stitches are very uniform.

If you are asking about the left edge in the photo? That ruffled look is probably caused by the edging. Sides are tricky in that the row height never matches the stitch width of the edging. Ruffled edge can be caused by too many edge stitches per row count.

You can intentionally ruffle the edges and no one will notice if the sides aren’t straight or the corners are not perfectly square.

I recommend taking it off the blockig square. Then any variations will not be noticed by the average Peter, Paul or Mary.

Crosby, Stills or Nash?

Michael, Marvin, or Whitney?

Or any of your favourite singer or people. And really, if they are not your favourite people then does it really matter?


Thankyou for the compliments :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t think about the edging, I am going to undo the edging and try it again with fewer stitches. Thanks!

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It looks lovely.

I am no help with crotchet but just wanted to say something I noticed when I wet blocked a piece of knitting as it might help.
I was not stretching out my fabric (although I’ve seen this in a tutorial stretching one way then the other but I have also seen this is not recommended, either way I was worried about stretching my work due to the yarn used and not wanting to alter the size)… but rather “patting” and encouraging it to go where I wanted for a straight even finish.
One piece I over patted in one direction, I forget if it was length or width but one went big the other small. But wet blocking you can push or pat the stitches closer together almost as easily as spreading them out. It feels somewhat impossible (to me, I’m not experienced) but worked surprisingly well.
Just thought I’d mention this in case you remove the edge and reblock the project, you can gently push and pat it smaller, straighter, where needed.

Hope that makes sense and good luck with reworking your edging on this pretty project.

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