Can anyone help with Waverly

Sorry guys but for some reason I am having problems with this pattern.

Row 1 (WS):[/B] Sl 2 WYIF, * (k1, p1) twice in next st (4 sts made from 1), k4 tog, rep from * to last 3 sts, (k1, p1) twice in next st (4 sts made from 1), p2 – 43 sts.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]I have tried to get guage and I can’t get passed row #1. I end up with 4 stitches left on the needle and not 3[/FONT]

How many did you cast on?

I’m sorry, I was very vague. I am starting with trying to get gauge and the instructions call for me to cast on 21, but at the very end I am supposed to have 3 stitches left on the needle and instead have 4.

You can’t do the pattern on 21 stitches.:shrug:

sl 2 = 2
(4 + 1) = 5 x number of repeats
3 left

To work the pattern, it seems to me that you need a multiple of 5,:??

The info for gauge says 21 st = 4" in Pattern St, that doesn’t mean to just cast on the 21 st. You would need to knit wider than 4" to check your gauge. The pattern is a multiple of 5 + 5 (2 to slip at the beginning of the row and 3 at the end (where you make 4 out of 1 and then P2). If you start with 35 or 40 st you should get a good idea of your true gauge.

Ingrid - For the project, the cast on is 48, but in the row before you start the Pattern St you decrease by 8.

Okay! I couldn’t find the pattern by Googling, so I couldn’t look at the overall picture.

Thanks for all the help. The pattern is actually on Berroco’s website under free patterns and here is the link.

Aaaah! Westerly, not Waverly!:whistle:

I’m starting to think this pattern is to advanced for my skill level. I have cast on for gauge and have been able to get through a few rows, but now I don’t know how to calculate how many stitches there are per inch because the stitches are not clear. For example on stockinette I can clearly see the stitches and therefore calculate. But with this pattern because of the texture I have no idea how I can determine this.

Here is a link incase anyone can advise:

I don’t think gauge is that crucial for this pattern - if it were me and I really couldn’t discern the st, I’d probably measure the entire swatch and divide the number of st I cast on with the swatch measurement. If I was anywhere near the 5.25 st/in they want, I’d go with it.

For patterns like that, I usually lay the thing out and put the ruler up to the needle and count the number of stitches. It’s too hard, otherwise.

That sounds like logic to me. And sorry for getting the name wrong, I must have been looking at both of them back 2 back. Thx